AIRconomics brings a whole new level of Web Based Trainings with nearly endless number of benefits for your aviation business.

Starting with aviation professionals, who will enjoy smoothly running Learn Management System (LMS) on any portable device with intuitive design, trough to training managers looking for ICAO, EASA, IATA compliant content, to your accountable manager for which, every Euro saved means two Euros earned. 


We take the subject of training very seriously and do not offer boring certificate generators.

All trainings are conducted live as online webinars with one of our highly qualified trainers.


You benefit from various bonuses:

  • no difference to the classic classroom training

  • no additional travel cost for your participants

  • can be used from any terminal device

  • access from anywhere in the world

  • very good networking between participants will be enhanced

  • we ensure high level user experience

  • all trainings are up to date and approved

  • online, easy to book

  • you can also benefit from our bonus programmes with the best discounts

  • very good prices


All courses are constantly updated with the latest regulations (EASA, ECAC, ICAO & IOSA).

These courses are designed for any aviation professional, whether it is you who wants to update your skills, or the management of a major airline that seeks to educate their employees.

All of our courses will suit your needs with added convenience and flexibility.

AIRconomics - Aviator Membership Programm:

We have created a new bonus program for all customers who are price-sensitive with their expenses. 


As a member of our bonus program, you will benefit from unique discounts on all trainings you complete within 12 months. For up to 5 participants per training.


Save money from the very first training and register today for one of our savings plans.

  • AVIATOR BRONZE secures a 5% discount for you on all trainings within the next 12 month

  • AVIATOR SILVER secures a 10% discount for you on all trainings within the next 12 month

  • AVIATOR GOLD secures a 15% discount for you on all trainings within the next 12 month



For more information about our courses, memberships, scheduled course sessions and updates contact us or +49 2942 985 77 00

Book now! Upcoming Events

  • Flight Dispatch Recurrent Training (DSP-R) (1)
    Flight Dispatch Recurrent Training (DSP-R) (1)
    Sep 13, 9:00 AM GMT+2 – Sep 17, 1:00 PM GMT+2
    Knowledge on advanced subjects, review knowhow and skills to manage processes relating to the planning, dispatching and monitoring of flights. Consolidate the level of knowledge required for an "Flight Dispatcher" to comply with the regulation.